Friday, November 30, 2012

Run a Virus Scan on Your Computer Today

Cyber attacks are all over the place this week, the last week of November 2012. Not only are scammers out there trying to get a hold of credit card information or steal your identity, but the recent turmoil in the Middle East has given sponsorship to many hackers for-hire. These hackers simply hack millions of e-mails, sites, servers and computers because the money is there.

Anarchists are a big problem as well right now. These rogue hackers make a mess of the internet and computers just to get out their anger at the state of the Country, society, or life in-general.

With the elevated risk level for viruses and attacks, be preemptive and run a scan of your computer today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Afraid of Your Factory Parts

Perhaps it has happened to you... You have just bought a brand new laptop and have been using it for about a month. None of your files have been backed up, because the computer is only a month old, nothing could break on i----... (and everything goes black)

This is not an uncommon story. The truth is that computer manufacturers put very cheap factory parts into their computers -- especially in laptops. The reason for this is because the manufacturers want to be able to sell the computers in-store for the cheapest price possible. While this can cost you less at the time of purchase, it can drive up the cost of parts and labor which are an inevitable need in nearly all brands of laptops today.

Parts People, which specializes in laptop repair in Austin, have scene the aforementioned scenario play out many of times in their over 10 years of working on computer hardware. Considered experts in replacing laptop parts for Dell computers, Parts People wants the world to know that the parts inside your new laptop may hold out for a while, but they truly are ticking time bombs that will go sooner than later.

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