Friday, December 14, 2012

Computers: Build Like a Tank, Built for a Tank

 While we talk a lot about web security here, and how to secure your hardware from viruses and other digital threats, sometimes your physical hardware needs some extra protection from the elements as well. Embedded boards and other computer hardware is very fragile and can break at the smallest bit of rough handling, or even from extremes in temperatures. So what do you do if you have to bring a computer into a hostile or unforgiving environment?

Fast Wel is a company that touts themselves as experts on creating "Reliable Solutions for Harsh Environment and Mission Critical Applications." A manufacturer of VME single board computers and embedded applications that must face brutal conditions, Fast Wel knows exactly how to create tough computers and computer equipment that can handle even the most savage of situations.

Fast Wel's trusted products are a staple in the armed forces, as they are reliable and known for being able to withstand temperatures of -40C to +85C. In addition to the products' impermeability to temperature, the products are also up to 90% non-condensing, which protects the computers' vital insides from extreme humidity.

To learn more about these unbreakable computers, other services Fast Wel offers, or to contact Fast Wel directly, visit them online at: