Monday, September 10, 2012

Web Security

As a professional blogger, I am on the internet 24 hours a day. Constantly, I am logging into and out of various blog accounts all day long. 100% of my life is spent on the internet. So, it is only natural for me to often forget that it is a dangerous place and threats lay waiting at all times. This weekend, one of those threats pounced. I got a virus that locked up my computer and disabled it for the entire weekend. A friend of mine did the repairs and got me up and running again, but also gave me some great advice that I would like to pass on to my readers. Taking care of a virus once it is already on your computer is not the way to build a solid defense. One must take extra steps to boost the protection on one's network to ensure that no virus get even close to your hard drive. By building a virtual security shield, you can ramp up your defenses and feel more confident that you are well protected. Companies like Solera Networks are network security companies that are more pro-active than others. With Solera, you don't simply install their software and then only speak with them when a problem arises. Solera Networks actively monitors the threats that are constantly coming in and then works to deny the threat, and also to protect against its return. Additionally, this active watch also protects against advanced persistent threats -- those nagging little errors that never seem to go away. Long-story Short, I learned that simply installing an antivirus program and updating it regularly doesn't work. If you truly want to be protected, you need to enlist the services of a proven web-security firm like Solera. Visit to get protected.

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